Name your 10 favorite tv/film characters
Then tag 10 people

In chronological order, and with only one slight cheat:

Nicky and Nora Charles (The Thin Man films, 1934-1947)
Iris Henderson (The Lady Vanishes, 1938)
Mary Kate Danaher (The Quiet Man, 1952)

Okay, so mine isn’t in chronological (or any, really) order (and Devje, please don’t mind me stealing your style):

Beatrix Kiddo – Kill Bill Vol. 1/Vol. 2 (2003/2004)

Dory – Finding Nemo (2003)

Cookie Lyon – Empire (2015 – hopefully forever) She’s maybe #1, honestly.

Annalise Keating – How to Get Away with Murder (2014 – ?)

Regina Mills – Once Upon a Time (2011 – it stops making money)

Emma Swan – Once Upon a Time (2011 – they run out of source material)

Kerry Weaver – ER (1994-2009)

Pamela Swynford de Beaufort  – True Blood (2008-2014)

Tara Thornton – True Blood (2008-2014)

Phil Connors – Groundhog Day (1993)

I know, I know, but Groundhog Day was one of my pick-me-up films for so long. Along with Kill Bill and Finding Nemo.

Like Devje, I tag whoever can see this and cares to give it a bash. 




geekykitsch replied to your post

“geekykitsch replied to your post “I saw this post about how the…”

Somehow, I don’t see Regina installing cell towers or rewiring the town to get broadband. There had to be deliveries/services though (Emma getting her stuff from Boston S1 for example), so maybe the curse just “took care of it.” Sloppy, I know.

Okay, except they insist on sewing everything up pretty tight against any conjecture of this kind. Storybrooke has a border, it’s not visible to people outside, so delivery can’t work. You need the scroll to get in.

And the other stuff in a pre-welcome to storybrooke? Sure

Post? It’s the same day when everybody does the exact same thing over and over again.Snow taught the same lesson about birds in the Pilot as she did in WtS. This environment isn’t exactly conducive to people ordering things from outside storybrooke (or even cleaning things/buying groceries— so probably it’s a reset-at-night groundhog day sitch)

And sure, the “curse took care of it” is probably what they’ll go by, which-

  • land without magic
  • “somewhere horrible, where the only happy ending will be mine”, so why will it benefit the people? it shouldn’t account for anything outside its bubble

(i’ve figured it. out this was her happy ending, she got broadband while everyone else had to use dial-up. mystery solved)

Lol, exactly! No broadband for anyone else.

Yes, I thought it was essentially meant to be the same day on repeat as well. I’d love to know if there were proper seasons (everyone always does seem to be dressed for cooler weather, their presence in Maine notwithstanding there should be something like summer at some point), how TV broadcasts worked, if there were holidays, where their supplies and fresh food and fuel and electricity came from… Who maintained the sewage facilities? How did people get paid? I’m not sure if time standing still only affected their physical aging. Like, shouldn’t Snow have still been in pain from just having given birth a short time before the curse hit? Or did she get healed or what…?

So was there just enough magic to keep the curse intact, or what? Did Regina have to arrange every single aspect for the entire town, and how did they not notice her doing it? And indoor plumbing just doesn’t seem like a disadvantage to me. Dial up would have been hell, though. (What did Regina do in her spare time before Henry? Does she have a stash of vintage game consoles somewhere? Betamax tapes? Choose your own adventure books?)

Every time one scratches even a tiny bit below the surface with some aspects (well, a lot of aspects) of this show, so much stops making sense. It’s such shoddy world-building. I have so many questions, I want to lock Adam and Eddy in a room and get them to answer all of them. With straight faces. 

You’ll probably just get a verbal #nospoilers from them -_-

If it’s the same day over and over again, you don’t have to worry about supplies and sewage (or even payment tbh) I think you’re right, stuck in perpetual winter, until the savior showed up with her Tank Tops of Summer (sorry) which, okay, handwaved away

but once the time started moving?

where did this money come from? what was Deputy Sheriff Swan being paid? Gooood point on the 28 years of post-natal pain, just like Cinderella was ~8 months pregnant for 28 years woah.

Like how does the collective conscience get upgraded? How do they know how TVs and the internet and everything works if they’re living the same day? Do they not have to learn anything, do they just wake up with all knowledge?

And okay, there’s SO MUCH SCOPE. 28 years of stubbing your toe on the bed every morning. Of milk boiling over, of nicking your leg in the exact same spot while shaving. Of having the same catchy song stuck in your head. Being late, losing a parking spot, of spilling food over your clothes, of the thing where you’re falling asleep but you jerk awake for no apparent reason, EVERY DAY. Which could have been awesome torture. But there was nothing

As for Regina’s past times, I like to imagine she just messed around with snow for at least four months, moved on to Gold, the dwarfs, Blue, and so on… Just. Annoyed the fuck out of everyone and made stupid inside jokes only she understood and walked around extremely smug.

(On a more serious note, she probably caught up on comics. And random reading. Her son grew up to be such a fckn nerd)

And the more I think about Henry growing up there, the more freaking scared I am for that boy.

And Gold was supposed to have made the Dark Curse, so as to reach Baelfire. Now it’s some ultra evil thing guarded by a chernabog (and some beetles??) and what its exact purpose is they won’t tell us, and everything makes less and less sense. What exactly does the curse do? Which part did Gold tell (and hide from) Regina? Is it about the transportation to another realm, the memories, the time freezing, the town maintenance and planning? How did Regina’s mausoleum get to Storybrooke?

Regina could leave town, apparently, but didn’t— would she have aged outside?

What about Emma, if she hadn’t escaped, would time never have frozen?

I just. can’t. uuuuugggghhhhhhh

I know what you mean, they’d likely ~handwave~ and #nospoiler almost every single question away, as they have for so long. 

Were there weekends? Or did everyone go to school and to work every single day? Or if there were weekends, did the curse reset itself every night to reflect the passage of time in the outside world, bar the vehicles? Because the Storybrooke residents did change clothes, from what was shown. So I guess they had laundry… I’m assuming these people just lived in a perpetual haze. Like they had memories but the curse kept them from questioning things staying the same and time not passing. I hope someone wasn’t on their period for 28 years, like Cinderella was pregnant. Or woke up with stomach flu, or a wicked hangover. Ugh, that would be so grim.

And Regina seems to have only left town at least the one time for Henry, but did she not get curious about anything outside town and want to travel, ever? 

I would love to know what all the Dark Curse can do, because when Snow cast it for this iteration, none of the time freezing seems to have happened, yet everything reverted to what it was before Pan cast his version of the curse. Maybe it has to do with the maker’s intent. David did call it “Regina’s curse” this time round. Maybe she had to make it from scratch after destroying it the last time. Will we ever find out?


Aries Entertainment and one of their agents, a woman named Caroline Smith just followed me on twitter.Should I be worried?

To be honest? I bet this company and whoever their agents are have software that scans the Twitter followers list of feeds from the likes of @AdamHorowitzLA or @LanaParrilla or @OnceABC, and they click a button and do a “mass following” for whatever followers the are in common.

Record companies do the same thing. I’ve been followed by songwriters I’ve never heard of just because I’ve followed an artist on the same label, or someone that has a similar style of music, even though I’ve never tweeted the original artist at all.

It’s just marketing analysis, I guess? I’ve never paid it any mind.



Can Swan Queen shippers please just stop tweeting YNB!? Please. I am begging you.

She does not CARE. You are not going to be heard. You’re not going to make a point.

She made this into an issue about Swan Queen when it wasn’t. She is continuing to engage with people in a way…

Gonna play devil’s advocate here [pun perhaps intended].

She mentioned SQ because (surprise) a few of the people involved before she mentioned SQ had SQ supportive names/icons.

YNB twitter

Not sure if this image showed up properly, but when someone called SQ as being rude she said “Not all of them. I’ve had some lovely discussions with SQ folks. Kindness is key.” Now, I agree that this twitter thing got out of hand, and some things were said that definitely don’t look good at all, but…keep in mind that:

1. She says she’s tired

2. She was merely trying to say she was happy about a kiss for a ship she supports
 -in reference to this; Imagine a fairytale universe where SQ was canon and got a nice kiss on tv and you wanted to tweet how happy you were about it and someone immediately responded with the comment that started this shitstorm?

Yes, in the case of Hook it was a valid point. However, most people who watch this show don’t see Hook critically. They watch very casually. The problem is that most people are programmed to read Hook’s moves as romantic. Hell, my 14 year old niece and her mom both blush when he has his little moments. His behavior is culturally accepted. Is that right? No. Is it true? Yes. Most people can’t identify it as truly negative. So when someone responds to a happy moment with a seeming attack, how would you react?

The best way to get people understanding the problematic rape culture we live in is not by blindsiding and attacking them. YNB doesn’t seem like a horrible person. She’s human.

We should all take a step back.

I feel that she was right on one point – Twitter is not the place to start deep discussions. I think the character limit is a huge clue about that. Can it be used to bring attention to important issues? Definitely. This was just not the way to go about it.

I really wish that everyone could consider the big picture here. No one is infallible. I’ve said some horrible things to people who didn’t deserve it and later regretted it. We all have our moments.

I would have blocked people I felt were trying to prolong the argument in her place as well. I do not agree with many things she said, but the internet is often limiting when it comes to expressing things in the way we intend them.

Omg, this is a novel. Whatever. Two people might still read it.


I read the feed and replies all day. A LOT of stuff got misconstrued, and a lot of things have been reported incorrectly.