With the holidays coming up and this abandoned blog of mine, I thought I should at least contribute by doing something. A lot of people want a PS4, so I’ll give a lucky person the chance to win one of these consoles with a game of their choice!

Let’s get straight to the prizes:

A brand new Playstation 4: I will be buying the console and shipping it to you from any trusted site of your desire.

A game of your choice: You can also select a game of your choice if you’d like to! It can be any game you want.

A $20 PSN Card: This prize is only going to be for the people who follow me.

Now onto the rules:

  • You do not have to be following me unless you want the $20 PSN card to come with all of this. Feel free to follow, though! This will be a video game blog with some anime here and there.
  • Likes AND reblogs count towards entries, you may reblog as many times as you’d like.
  • You will have to leave your ask box open and also must be comfortable with giving out your address, ect. I’m willing to ship internationally!
  • No giveaway blogs.

Ends January 7th, 2016. Good luck!







Do this four times repeatedly and you’ll be out. But how does it work? There’s some real brain science behind it.

We’re trying this tonight!

It’s about time someone got around to uncovering all the cheat codes for this “human being” software. It’s only been out for like 10,000 years.


I’ve used this technique for about a year, and I can safely say that it has efficiently transformed my sleeping habits from several hours of struggle to fall asleep, to passing out in a matter of minutes.

It’s a form of Alexander Technique. It’s a technique that was designed for actors to keep their body in ready working condition and give it the best way to perform. This is the method used to calm, and center the body. Once the body is at that point it can perform anything you want it to.