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Jennifer Morrison: Emma’s past ‘impacts everyone’ on ‘Once Upon a Time’


Emma really wants Regina to get a happy ending. What are her next steps in trying to achieve that?
I don’t think Emma honestly knows. She’s just going to keep trying things. There’s no clear solution to this problem. She can’t apologize for saving a life and she can’t feel like she shouldn’t have saved someone’s life. That’s just a fact. Beyond that, she obviously would never have wanted to intentionally mess things up for Regina. She’s just going to keep trying anything she possibly can to be there for her, to support her, to try to encourage her to do the right thing, to offer whatever help Regina might possibly want. She is just going to continue to try to prove that she’s there for her and she’s going to be a true friend.

Regina wants to find the author of the book, and the producers teased that Regina and Henry (Jared Gilmore) would be on a mission together this season. Will Emma be suspicious of them spending time together?
I don’t think so. We’ve worked so hard to come to a place where Emma really sees that Regina is a good mother and if nothing else, she will always do what’s best for Henry. She will always fight to protect Henry. As far as I know, and I haven’t been told differently, Emma is just going to be happy to see Regina embracing being Henry’s mother again and really connecting to him in a way where they’re fighting for a positive ending instead of a negative ending.

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