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Charming: Our memories. They’re gone.
Snow: Again.
Belle: Alright everyone. Pull out your daily journals that we’ve been keeping since we had that pre-mission conference about how mass amnesia seems to happen to us on a bi-monthly basis.
Regina: You know, I thought this was a dumb plan but here it is, paying off.
Henry: Can you imagine if we all had to go through this “we have amnesia, how did we get here” thing again? That would be ridiculous.
Hook: Aye. So it’s a good thing we’ve taken steps to deal this very frequent occurrence in our lives. Good work, team.

I guess the magical locator globe thing that Cora gifted to Gold is going to make an appearance next episode so that Emma (and Regina) can find Lily. Now that the villains that have made an appearance are starting to drop off like flies, is it so wrong to want Cora to make a reappearance too? Resurrection obviously isn’t a problem, so why not? I want all the Mills women in one space, just for kicks.