Carbon Chair by Moooi


*falls down stairs, knocks everything off the shelves, breaks entire stair set*

One of my great hopes in life is that this sleek minimalist DIY trend is its own undoing, the movers and shakers in this movement all are destroyed due to their own creations like Dr. Frankenstein or the guy who invented the Segway

i bet you could use statistical tools and an actuarial table or something to figure out the median number of years it would take this set of stairs to kill its owner. in other words, i think this furniture literally has a time-based LD50. 

Not even a fucking handrail.

Those crossbars are total trip-traps.

this is practically some fuck your noguchi coffee table garbage

as if everything else wasn’t enough, I’m pretty sure those are taller than standard stairs, so the step will always be a few inches off from where you think it’s gonna be. people are going to trip going up these stairs almost as much as they go down, and there’s a good 50% chance they’ll fall off the side

fuck your aesthetic deathtrap wall-mounted stairs

just loving the hate that these stairs are getting. 

@waffleducttapedtoadoor, @thejunesky thoughts?…

I hope he steps on that little white death trap figurine (ON THE STAAAAAIRS) and it pierces straight through his idiot foot.

Every step is a different height! I can’t imagine a single scenario where you wouldn’t misjudge the height of a step, trip, and shred the skin clean off your shin.

This is the type of design meant for people with no actual taste or common sense, but enough money that it doesn’t matter. I want to feed this designer handfuls of my hair, pubes and all, while their customers watch with their eyelids taped open while I sob, “Is this what you wanted? Is this what makes you happy?”