Hey, im looking for a fic where Emma has to hancuff regina and walk her to the sheriff station, and regina limped all the way to the station. it turns out Regina has a wound in her leg and someone (I think Granny) comes and stiches up Reginas leg. Her and Emma have to stay at the sheriff station at night because the townspeople want to kill Regina.


I don’t know this fic, I’m sorry. Has anyone else read it?

Pretty sure it’s “Break yourself against my stonesby Sinmora. Granny gets called in chapter 2 of that fic.

Every Other Rom-Com Ever


Female Lead: I am an uptight workaholic, and am neurotic to the point of damaging my personal relationships. [trips and tells implausible lies] But I’m also clumsy and awkward so it’s okay.

Best Friend: I am a quirky free spirit who inexplicably enjoys your company. I’m sassy, laid-back, and somehow always right.

Quirky Parents: We’re benignly embarrassing! And also somehow always right.

Female Lead: I’m lonely, but I still have The Plan. That’ll make me happy, right?

Best Friend: [rolls eyes] The Plan can’t keep you warm at night, if you know what I mean.

Quirky Parents: You can’t spend your life with The Plan. [Insert adorkable old people moment]


Male Lead: [enters, probably awkwardly] Hello, I am a charming asshole whose assholery hides a sensitive heart.


Male Lead: Fuck The Plan. Stop being so uptight. Stop caring so much about things I don’t care about.

Female Lead: But I have dreams! Aspirations that have nothing to do with you!

Male Lead: [follows her around] Me, tho.

Female Lead: [relents] Perhaps you are correct.

[They are happy for 5 minutes, in which he is overbearing and she is uncomfortable cool with it.]

[Insert The Event. Maybe she lied to him. Maybe she prioritized her career and life goals over her sort-of-boyfriend. Maybe *gasp* AN EASILY EXPLAINABLE MISUNDERSTANDING. He shames her for what she’s done and storms off.]

Female Lead: I was wrong. But it’s too late to apologize for some reason.

Best Friend OR Quirky Parents: You should apologize.

Female Lead: But it’s too late for some reason! Also The Plan! Perhaps we were never meant to be.

Best Friend OR Quirky Parents: Fuck The Plan. This guy you’ve known for like a week eclipses everything else. Go to him.

Female Lead: You’re right! [leaves friend’s wedding/important meeting/family reunion/etc. Goes to him with big gesture. Trips, because she’s still clumsy and awkward.] I’M SORRY FOR NOT MAKING YOU TOP PRIORITY IN MY LIFE, MAN I’M ONLY KIND OF DATING.

Male Lead: I’m sorry I shamed you for having a life plan that doesn’t revolve around romance/sex, but this scene still implies I was right to do so.

Female Lead: Fuck The Plan.

[They kiss]

Female Lead: [narrating] Thus I learned that romantic love is more important than any other kind of love, or financial stability, or dreams you’ve had for literally decades. And I am better for it now. The End.