Alright, you know what, now I’m fucking pissed.

Don’t send anon hate.

I don’t care how bitchy you feel, if you’re off your meds,
if your dog just died, if you got cheated on by your boyfriend, if you got a
EXCUSES BAD BEHAVIOR (it doesn’t btw, lemme just be REAL fucking clear on that
point) –

Don’t send anon hate.

Just don’t fucking send it.

And especially ESPECIALLY don’t send it to people who are
out there creating things for love.
Who are doing shit for free.  Who are doing shit that is completely optional for you to take part
in if you choose to do so.

It’s the choice part that matters, and before you comment on
something or shit on something or send an anon message that you know is fucking
rancid, you need to really think about who has all of the agency in this

A clue? You.

YOU have the choice to click on something someone has
written – or not.

YOU have the choice to listen to something someone has
composed – or not.

YOU have the choice to look at something someone has drawn –
or not.

And for fuck’s sake, YOU have the choice of whether or not
to just passively opt out of what YOU did not enjoy, rather than emailing the creator
about how YOU, you anonymous person on the internet who don’t even feel
strongly enough about your own message to bother to get off anon, don’t like
what they did.  

How it makes YOU feel.

YOU, with your optional powers of consumption, with all your
choices, with the infinite smorgasbord of other things to do on the internet
that do not involve leaving cute little negativity bombs in someone’s inbox,
YOU get to choose you privileged fuck.

So why don’t you make good choices.

Because here’s the thing.
That content creator whose DIFFICULT, TIME-CONSUMING and FREE labor you
just shit all over?  That person doesn’t
have a choice about whether or not to receive your shitty message.  All that person can do is decide whether or
not they trust the wide sucking vortex of the internet enough to let this shit
ride, or whether they feel sufficiently targeted, insulted and betrayed to turn
off anon forever.

And for those of you who want to say trite shit like if you can’t take the heat get out of the
or it’s not that fucking
or GAWD why take it so
personally –
please remember:

It is not the obligation of a person receiving abuse to deal
with that abuse in any particular way.
It is the obligation of the potential abuser NOT TO BE AN ABUSER.

And since the internet has already agreed that you are not
obligated like/comment/subscribe/send money and or chocolate for free fandom
things that you enjoy, please take this as a strong suggestion to apply that
directly to things that you don’t.

Don’t send anon hate.

Just don’t fucking send it.