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Somehow, I don’t see Regina installing cell towers or rewiring the town to get broadband. There had to be deliveries/services though (Emma getting her stuff from Boston S1 for example), so maybe the curse just “took care of it.” Sloppy, I know.

Okay, except they insist on sewing everything up pretty tight against any conjecture of this kind. Storybrooke has a border, it’s not visible to people outside, so delivery can’t work. You need the scroll to get in.

And the other stuff in a pre-welcome to storybrooke? Sure

Post? It’s the same day when everybody does the exact same thing over and over again.Snow taught the same lesson about birds in the Pilot as she did in WtS. This environment isn’t exactly conducive to people ordering things from outside storybrooke (or even cleaning things/buying groceries— so probably it’s a reset-at-night groundhog day sitch)

And sure, the “curse took care of it” is probably what they’ll go by, which-

  • land without magic
  • “somewhere horrible, where the only happy ending will be mine”, so why will it benefit the people? it shouldn’t account for anything outside its bubble

(i’ve figured it. out this was her happy ending, she got broadband while everyone else had to use dial-up. mystery solved)

Lol, exactly! No broadband for anyone else.

Yes, I thought it was essentially meant to be the same day on repeat as well. I’d love to know if there were proper seasons (everyone always does seem to be dressed for cooler weather, their presence in Maine notwithstanding there should be something like summer at some point), how TV broadcasts worked, if there were holidays, where their supplies and fresh food and fuel and electricity came from… Who maintained the sewage facilities? How did people get paid? I’m not sure if time standing still only affected their physical aging. Like, shouldn’t Snow have still been in pain from just having given birth a short time before the curse hit? Or did she get healed or what…?

So was there just enough magic to keep the curse intact, or what? Did Regina have to arrange every single aspect for the entire town, and how did they not notice her doing it? And indoor plumbing just doesn’t seem like a disadvantage to me. Dial up would have been hell, though. (What did Regina do in her spare time before Henry? Does she have a stash of vintage game consoles somewhere? Betamax tapes? Choose your own adventure books?)

Every time one scratches even a tiny bit below the surface with some aspects (well, a lot of aspects) of this show, so much stops making sense. It’s such shoddy world-building. I have so many questions, I want to lock Adam and Eddy in a room and get them to answer all of them. With straight faces. 


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