are we certain that Emma was 17 when she got pregnant? cause I was the same age when I got pregnant and delivered my baby with weeks to spare, so I was wondering, because I dont remember if the show have stated that Emma was 17 when she got preggers! sorry if I sound like a troll but whenever I see people doing the math of 18 years minus 9 months or 40 weeks as the doctors count, they always reach 17, and I keep on asking myself and the other 3 months where do they left them?!





I’ll be honest, math isn’t my strong suit. Even very very simple math.

But I assume she could have been 18 and 5 days when she got pregnant.

She definitely couldn’t have been more than seventeen. For one, ten-year-old Henry showed up on Emma’s 28th birthday. Unless it was his birthday too, the day before he would have still been ten, but she would have been 27 (so 17 when she had him, and a young seventeen when she got pregnant). Also, she got pregnant before going to juvie. If she were eighteen, she would have been sent to regular prison, not juvie. 

And how old was Neal at that point? At least as old as hook… So, 300 years? O_O

Well, we don’t treat Regina 65 year old or Snow 58 do we? Or all the other characters? Neal spent his majority of life in Neverland where he did not age. The Lost Boys were boys when we saw them, and we treated them as children. That was Bealfire too for almost 300 years. I admit that Michael was not very convincing as a young person in Tallahassee, but that does not change the fact that those years are not counting to his age, just as the 28 year of curse does not count to anybody’s age. 

Yes, because of these magical timelines, we have some interesting stuff, like our precious baby-hobbit Roland Hood is 3 years older than Emma Swan, but we have to treat him as 20 something younger, because in reality he is. 

But see, this is what I have a hard time wrapping my head around.

They made a great big deal about Baelfire being two days away from turning 14 and getting drafted into the Ogre Wars, right? And thus, the whole reason Rumplestiltskin goes and purloins the dagger and becomes the Dark One.

So however long Baelfire and Rumple live together after this, Baelfire is at least 14 when he disappears through the magic bean portal to whatever land that he gets taken in by the Darlings – which is supposed to be a land without magic, but isn’t our world’s Victorian London, and then goes on to get taken to Neverland for how ever many centuries, where he’s frozen in aging until his escape to modern-day America or wherever.

Here’s where I get annoyed with the sloppy writing of the show: the Dark Curse is supposed to take them to the land/realm where Baelfire IS, not where he’s going to be, right? So when they all land in America, 1983. Baelfire has to have already been there. At least 14 years old, in 1983, and the clock starts ticking for him again. 

I know his “birth date” is supposed to be 21 March 1977, but seeing as the Curse was supposed to transport them to where he was, it’s the whole point of the thing, then isn’t it more likely that 1977 is when he actually came through after escaping Neverland? And unless he took a massive vat of that magical water from Neverland to keep him young, I don’t see how he wasn’t aging.

I think it’s more likely that Baelfire lied about his age (how would the arresting authorities have had his birth date anyhow?) when assuming his new identity.

Assuming he’s been around for 200 or 300 years notwithstanding, I don’t see how he could have been less than 31 years old by the time he met Emma, in real years.

There’s no way for him to have been just 23/24 when he happened upon Emma just like there’s no way she could have been older than 17 when she met him. (I honestly think 16 is more likely.)

It’s one of the many questions I have about this show, which is so inconsistent and sloppy sometimes that it’s maddening.


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