‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Stars Tease ABC’s Big ‘TGIT’ Mid-Season Return


Friendships unravel on “How to Get Away with Murder”

Even after death, Annalise Keating’s two-timing husband continues to cause grief. After killing Sam (Tom Verica), Keating’s gang of law students will now have to deal with the aftermath.
“There are enemies made,” Jack Falahee, who plays Connor Walsh, told TheWrap. “It’s all about how tenuous these relationships become and how to maintain the charade of everyday life while harboring massive secrets. Individually, everyone is going to go through something significant.”

Laurel puts the pressure on Frank

After a steamy sex scene on Keating’s porch, Laurel now has to decide whether she wants Frank or her longtime boyfriend, Kan. Making matters even more complicated, Frank is a taken man, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Laurel.
“He has a girlfriend and Laurel sort of confronts him about that,” said the actress who plays Laurel, Karla Souza. “Laurel has grown up a lot since we first saw her in the beginning of the season. She has emotions but they don’t direct her decision-making. She’s very good at planning how to get away with this and how to keep them all intact.”

More sex scenes

Connor and Oliver’s graphic sex scenes had everyone talking this season. Connor’s legendary moves even had his partner’s “eyes water” with pleasure. Falahee, who plays Connor on the show, won’t say what that move involves (“that’s like my ace in the pocket. I can’t really reveal that”), but he did tell us fans should expect plenty more bedroom antics.
“The LGBTQ community has been very vocal and very positive,” said Falahee. “I think people are happy to see a character that isn’t as much of a caricature. He’s a real person. I think that’s what viewers are latching onto and find so refreshing.”

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