Vaguely related to the whole Regina is Latin@ discussion – don’t forget that they cast a Latino kid to play Roland to make AQ more palatable (because in no universe can a woman looking like Christie and a guy looking like Maguire make a kid looking like Raphael Alejandro)



oh but Nonnie, don’t you know? Roland is Regina and Robin’s baby, and Rumpel made them forget, because Regina’s highest calling in life is to bear forest spawn. 

yes, you’re right, and it’s among the reasons i hate that fucking kid (character, not actor). though of course Lana and Maguire wouldn’t make a kid that looked like Raphael either, but never  you mind, Latin@s are all interchangeable, after all. 

again: i wasn’t paying attention and in so doing i did in fact replicate problematic racial logics that misunderstand mixed-race people’s phenotypic characteristics. i am, again, sorry for that. if i had been thinking more clearly, i would not have done so, because that does not reflect my actual beliefs or understanding. i have learned my lesson about replying to Tumblr messages when i should be sleeping.



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