Ok guys I have another thing.

I think we all need to agree that this is getting out of hand. We aren’t really talking about what is important in the world. Like, for example, the impending doom of our physical habitat collapsing in front of our eyes, the fact that homosexuals do not have the rights they deserve in many places on this earth. The fact that the US is leading a fight against a group that has committed severe, inhuman atrocities. Racial issues in relation to Michael Brown, gender equality related to the HeforShe campaign, poverty, hunger, Ebola. The list goes on.

I suggest we take a vow. If you guys like this idea, I will move forward with it, maybe even if you dont. I am going to draft a promise post that says that I recognize what this show is: a show for my entertainment and disscusion of it for further entertainment. This will include rules about how a critical post is constructed, how I will tag my critiques, and how I will interact with other fans, no matter what they say to me. I plan to address everything I can. The way things are is not healthy. And frankly, kind of ridiculous.

Tbh, this is for the fandom, but also for me. Because if I make this agreement and you reblog it, I will know that you are safe. I will know that in that group of people, however small, I will have a safe space to simply enjoy the show. Let me know what you think.

Ps: dont care what you ship as long as we can actually enjoy ourselves.


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