Ship and let ship! And most importantly Be Kind

How can anyone hate this woman she is a fan of the show. How is any of this hate towards sq fans? the answer is it’s not. 

Okay, I’m only reblogging because this is out of context and completely dismisses the fact that it was never about SQ, but she made it about SQ and ships – and then called people “devils” and started saying things like “#FixItJesus” after she made it about an LGBTQ+ fan base. 

It’s actually unknown if the person who sent the original tweet was from an SQ fan or not. But considering the anti CS blogs in the fandom aren’t run by SQers(the last time I checked) there is a decent chance it wasn’t.

She is also the one that responded to a tweet that wasn’t even hate (I define hate by personal attack, this was a criticism on a thing she liked. The equivalent of me saying “I liked this movie” and a person responding with “I didn’t”) by calling it a “crusade” which can be seen as highly offensive to some. 

I would like to also say that JMo didn’t take the bulk of hate. YNB did, and the person who made the original tweet did.

I’m sorry, but I’m sick of seeing SQ take heat for this and everyone acting like this woman was a complete saint when this situation was actually one giant mess that could have been prevented.

Did anyone read the whole thing as it was happening? YNB didn’t make it about SQ, YNB didn’t actually call anyone “the devil” and she did NOT make it about the LGBTQ+ fanbase. I’m not saying it as a YNB apologist or anything other as someone who was reading it as each tweet came up. I had over 20 tabs open at one point, watching it unfold.

She clarified exactly what she meant, and how she meant to say it, and still got stuff misconstrued and misappropriated.

Ironic thing, the person that made that original tweet to YNB, Jennifer and Colin didn’t say anything else – but folks kept wading in to weigh in. She asked folks more than once to not have that discussion in her feed, to find a more appropriate forum for it, but many ignored that. The original tweeter did heed that.

I know that folks really want to have that discussion, and have the writers listen, really listen, but if someone says “No” or says in every way possible that they do not want to have that discussion with you at that time, why keep at it?

And where is the appropriate venue for the lengthy debate about folks’ grievances that clearly needs to happen?

I can’t find the tweets now, mostly because I just don’t feel like scrolling through that mess of a twitter timeline with replies – but she actually does say #Devils and she does bring up SQ after talking about ship wars or something. I don’t know if anyone screen shot them or not. 

There are literally a shit load of tweets, like I continuously scrolled down(you have to check replies too, not just the basic feed). 

I did read them, and saved a good few of the pages, too. She didn’t bring up SQ, someone else did and she replied to them. She didn’t call anyone “the devil”, she exclaimed it. The #FixItJesus, why did people automatically assume that she 1) even knew the sexuality of any of the folks that kept tweeting her and 2) even cared? Honestly, I was watching folks twist her words in real time, and for the life of me, people kept coming after her and attempting to have a discussion she didn’t want to have.

Maybe folks thought it was a call to arms, even though the person whose tweet started it all bowed out and later asked people to chill?

Has anyone even looked at that person’s feed?

Maybe someone’s made screen caps of the whole conversations as they happened, so that they’re taken in context.


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