Can Swan Queen shippers please just stop tweeting YNB!? Please. I am begging you.

She does not CARE. You are not going to be heard. You’re not going to make a point.

She made this into an issue about Swan Queen when it wasn’t. She is continuing to engage with people in a way…

Gonna play devil’s advocate here [pun perhaps intended].

She mentioned SQ because (surprise) a few of the people involved before she mentioned SQ had SQ supportive names/icons.

YNB twitter

Not sure if this image showed up properly, but when someone called SQ as being rude she said “Not all of them. I’ve had some lovely discussions with SQ folks. Kindness is key.” Now, I agree that this twitter thing got out of hand, and some things were said that definitely don’t look good at all, but…keep in mind that:

1. She says she’s tired

2. She was merely trying to say she was happy about a kiss for a ship she supports
 -in reference to this; Imagine a fairytale universe where SQ was canon and got a nice kiss on tv and you wanted to tweet how happy you were about it and someone immediately responded with the comment that started this shitstorm?

Yes, in the case of Hook it was a valid point. However, most people who watch this show don’t see Hook critically. They watch very casually. The problem is that most people are programmed to read Hook’s moves as romantic. Hell, my 14 year old niece and her mom both blush when he has his little moments. His behavior is culturally accepted. Is that right? No. Is it true? Yes. Most people can’t identify it as truly negative. So when someone responds to a happy moment with a seeming attack, how would you react?

The best way to get people understanding the problematic rape culture we live in is not by blindsiding and attacking them. YNB doesn’t seem like a horrible person. She’s human.

We should all take a step back.

I feel that she was right on one point – Twitter is not the place to start deep discussions. I think the character limit is a huge clue about that. Can it be used to bring attention to important issues? Definitely. This was just not the way to go about it.

I really wish that everyone could consider the big picture here. No one is infallible. I’ve said some horrible things to people who didn’t deserve it and later regretted it. We all have our moments.

I would have blocked people I felt were trying to prolong the argument in her place as well. I do not agree with many things she said, but the internet is often limiting when it comes to expressing things in the way we intend them.

Omg, this is a novel. Whatever. Two people might still read it.


I read the feed and replies all day. A LOT of stuff got misconstrued, and a lot of things have been reported incorrectly.