It’s a new year and my birthday is tomorrow, so what better time to say thank you and try to give a little bit back to everyone
who’s been so supportive and appreciative of me and my art and my blog!

So, I’m giving away 5 prizes at random. Winners will be able to choose 2 mini bookmarks or 2 photo prints from my Etsy shop,
or 1 of each. They don’t have to be the specific ones pictured above, those are just examples! You’ll be able to
pick any bookmark/print I have in stock.


  • you
    must be following me, since it’s meant to be an appreciation for my
    followers. Please don’t follow me just so you can enter, that’s silly.
  • you
    must be willing to give me your address, obviously, and if you’re under
    18 you’ll need your parent/guardian’s permission to do that.
  • reblog to enter – up to 5 entries per person, likes don’t count (but you’re welcome to like this post, of course.)
  • yes to international shipping!
  • winners will be picked randomly
  • deadline is the 18th of January, 2 weeks after my birthday!

That’s all there is to it! Thanks for being here, guys. And good luck!

(Mandatory disclaimer that this is in no way affiliated with Tumblr, no one’s profiting from it except the winners, and so on.)



Like/Reblog if you respect people regardless of what they ship, and believe troll accounts/hateful anons must cease to exist in the fandom. Ship and let ship. 

@ toxic individuals: you are not welcome. you do not represent your faction. you are venom, but there’s always an antidote: tolerance. Try it. Heal.